A dedicated Kartra™ Funnel Agency that builds the digital bridge between your business and your customers


We create optimized funnel marketing systems using Kartra to scale online businesses and teams fueled by passion

  • If you're wanting to put together a funnel by yourself, the task can be daunting. We've simplified EVERYTHING into a downloadable template. Our funnels include, pages, automations, email sequences and everything ELSE you need to jumpstart your business quickly

  • Customized Funnel Marketing Systems

    We plan and design a full-stack Funnel strategy that is 100% customized for you. Our strategy is designed to help you Attract, Convert and Retain your ideal customer, whether you're a consultant, a coach, a trainer or an industry expert. Our clients are typically  abroad-based consulting businesses as well as domestic businesses that have international clientele. 

  • E-mail marketing Sequences

    You might not believe it, but email is STILL the most potent and sure-fire way to continuously build a relationship with your prospects.  We create email sequences that allow you to increase your level of engagement with your audience. 

  • Online Course Building


  • Personal branded websites

    Do you need a website that actually converts your visitors into leads and customers.  We'll build you one, or you can choose from one of four pre-made funnel templates that includes a branded website

Sample work

Here's a portfolio of funnels, courses and pages that we've created for clients.


I'm Ryan Turner

Founder of Amplifi Strategy and Top-Level Kartra™ Expert

Who are you? A coach or course creator

We exclusively help businesses in the service and information-based industry.

This is the passion of your work, you live and die for your clients. Watching your customers grow is like watching your child start walking

Your service is an info-product that guides and assesses your clients through a process.

Your company is considered to be an expert in its field. You might be a consultant, educator, trainer, speaker, professor,  fitness instructor etc.

You're an expert with advanced knowledge about your industry.

You possess expert knowledge and have the expertise to achieve the best results for your clients.  You might have various certifications, diplomas and degrees within your area of expertise.

Getting new client sign ups with your website can be like watching grass grow.  Your main strategy up until this point has probably been "word of mouth" and maybe it's gotten you some clients up until now, but do you really have a strategy besides crossing your fingers and hoping someone fills out your contact form? 

You have a fancy website and it doesn't help generate new clients for your business.

Instead of a website you need a system to guide your prospects to take action and convert into loyal customers. 

You probably hate putting on your "technology" hat, but want to automate your business somehow

You understand that technology is the key to automating your business in the current global climate. You need to generate predictable sales online but you need help implementing the right system.

You've thought about creating an online course or funnel but have no idea "how". 

You've got the idea for an online course, a webinar or e-book, but you don't know how to start or how what strategy is best. 

Why let us help you? Results and strategy.

With one of our high-performance funnels you can maximize your value within your market.

You don't have the time or energy to create a digital "footprint" within your market

Your time is precious and you live to help your clients. We know that watching your clients grow in success is like watching your own child begin to walk.  Let us help build your digital dynasty!

You want a strategic solution that works from day one out of the box.

You don't want a PhD in Computer Science just to be able to launch your own digital business. We'll create a functional and simple funnel from day one to help automate your business.

You want to show your value by having a digital presence that screams Quality!

You know that your service is high-quality and you want your web presence to be a reflection of that.  We design pages, funnels and courses for your business that are as simple and efficient as they are beautiful! 

What customers say about us.

People really like working with us and it shows! We're a multi-lingual agency, so excuse the reviews in various languages.  hehe (Spanish and English)

The way Ryan spoke during the workshop he delivered for us was very inspiring - we literally came back home and re-formulated the message that we were sending out to our clients.


Bernice Camilleri

Owner and Director,

Schools & Agents

Amplifi offers a service that makes you re-think you strategy and literally amplify your message. 




Patricia Correia

Director of Communications, D.O. Cava Regulatory Board

Results are the name of the game! We rolled up our sleeves and got to work and made some changes very quickly. Ryan got me results and they were GREAT results. Working with Ryan is an absolute NO BRAINER if you want to scale your business!

Arturo Johnson

Financial Advisory Consultant, Arturo Johnson Consulting

I knew that I could better optimize my web presence but was unclear as to where to start.





Andrew Poole

Language Academy Director, English Squared

Bernice (English)

Owner, Schools & Agents


Joaquín (Spanish)

Owner, Joaquín Muñoz Coaching


Cheryl (English)

Owner, Reach TLS


Korinne (English)

Owner, International Education Marketing


Arturo (English)

Owner, Arturo Johnson Consulting

Javier (Spanish)

Owner, Mentormen

Jennifer Piña

Owner, Sra Pineapple Marketing


Gareth Thomas

Owner, Wealthmarketing.co

Mari Angulo

Owner, Angulo Marketing

Jamal Muse

Personal Coach


Kerry-Ann Powell

Life and Executive Coach

Lindsey Lekhraj

Owner, Embodimentonline.com


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